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Nature that supports our feet


Bendywood® insoles are made of solid beech, not veneer, approx. 2mm thick, and natural linen and they fit every kind of shoe.

Beech wood is a hardwood that grows in European woods and that it is very commonly used in the furniture and interior design industry. In the case of Bendywood® Insoles, this beech wood is compressed (that means that it becomes shorter in the length) for about 20%, and thanks to this compression, the wood becomes and remains forever flexible.

This compression process is very time-consuming, since every single piece of wood has to be steamed first, then compressed mechanically and then encaged in order to remain in its compressed form till it is dry. The process is completely natural and no chemicals are used: the wood remains aesthetically exactly the same. The mechanical properties, on the other hand, change. This wood is known and branded all over the world as Bendywood®.

When dry, the wood is cut and used for the insoles production: every pair of insoles always come from the same piece of wood, to which we glue a piece of natural linen to prolong its life span. Then the insoles are marked with logo and serial number.

The production costs of this wood are very high and the results are more than worth it. “Bendywood® Walking Technology”  Insoles are not cheap, they are unique and they have a long life span.

The entire production process  takes place in South Tirol, Italy.

Only this exclusive production process allows the use of 1,5 -2mm thick hardwood to produce insoles that remain forever flexible and that do not break by using.

Bendywood® Insoles have two different sides: the upper side in wood (contact with the foot) and the bottom one in linen (contact with the shoe insole). As the Bendywood® Insole rubs against the shoe insole at every step, only a high quality linen can resist to this kind of friction in the long run. We use a kind of linen that comes from Tuscany that doesn’t contain any synthetic elements. This increases the quality of the product even further, making it a 100% green product. To glue the linen to the wood, we use a glue that remains elastic for a long time and that does not contain harmful elements (its emission class being E-0). The bottom side in linen does not contain any glue and therefore the Bendywood® Insole does not stick to the shoe insole, allowing an optimal aeration during the walk.

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finally free to walk


reduce feet sweath
extra thin
they adjust exactly to your shoe insole
they fit every kind of shoe
long durability