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Nature that supports our feet


Bendywood® insoles reduce feet sweating, keep your feet dry and release the absorbed humidity during the time of no use.

Thanks to the Bendywood® Insoles, feet sweat less and, regardless of walking or standing, you always feel good.

Foot soles have many sweat glands, approx. 500 per cm². The sweating is controlled by the vegetative nervous system and it does not stop during the sleep. In shoes the sweating begins when the feet touch the shoe insole:  a humid climate is developed; the humidity goes in the socks first and then in the insole. The Bendywood® Insoles’ absorption capacity, however  combined with a very good aeration between the wooden insole and the shoe insole, takes out so much humidity that the forming of bad odors is blocked. In this way the feet sweat less, they have less stress and therefore the neuro-vegetative activity that regulates the sweating decreases.

The sweat absorbed by the Bendywood® insoles is released again during the periods of no use time (usually during the night) and therefore the insoles can be used every day.

The fungal bacteria (that cause the bad odor) have few chances to grow because they do not find a favorable climate in the Bendywood® Insoles: thanks to the production process, the pH value of this wood is very low and therefore the microorganisms cannot develop.

The risk of the forming of bacteria increases wearing the insoles barefoot. In this case you should regularly clean the insoles.

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finally free to walk


reduce feet sweath
extra thin
they adjust exactly to your shoe insole
they fit every kind of shoe
long durability