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Nature that supports our feet


Bendywood® Insoles insulate from the winter cold and the summer heat and from the harmful chemicals contained, without our knowledge,  in almost every kind of shoe.

Bendywood® Insoles are made of solid wood. As wood is a bad heat conductor, it is an ideal material to prevent the cold and heat from penetrating through the shoe sole. With these insoles, you can wear summer shoes till late winter. Before the cold gets to your feet, it has to be very, very cold outside. Also walking on a scorching road in summer is more bearable.

The majority of shoes independently from price, production or purchase area contain hazardous and harmful substances (coming from the tanning process or to soften, stain and glue different materials) that can cause cancers, problems to the reproductive system and allergies. See investigations made by the SSNC -Swedish society for Nature Conservation for the plastic shoes and for the leather ones

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finally free to walk


reduce feet sweath
extra thin
they adjust exactly to your shoe insole
they fit every kind of shoe
long durability