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Nature that supports our feet


Bendywood Insoles also allow orthopedic cures.

Since the beginning of the Bendywood Insoles development, we have been advised by prominent orthopedists. We have distributed a lot of free samples to many institutes and professionals to let them test the product themselves. The many positive responses convinced us to go ahead with the serial production.

The whole orthopedic branch confirmed that our insoles are first of all a comfort product and, thanks to the Bendywood properties, they make the walk more pleasant and reduce the sweating.

By the word Orthotic is meant the customized insoles prescribed by orthopedists, according to the orthopedic problem of the patient, to compensate and to improve that problem. But there are also standard orthotics to auto-correct different foot problems. We do not feel ready to rate our Bendywood Insoles as orthotics, notwithstanding the fact that many orthopedists are advising our insoles to treat many problems.

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finally free to walk


reduce feet sweath
extra thin
they adjust exactly to your shoe insole
they fit every kind of shoe
long durability