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Nature that supports our feet

Bendywood® Wooden Insoles for shoes: BENEFITS, USE and CARE

  1. They are thin (1,5 -2 mm) and therefore they suit every kind of shoes
  2. They can be used in orthopedic cures
  3. They adjust to your feet/shoes after a few days of use and they remain in this shape
  4. They are 100% natural combined with a thin layer of cotton
  5. When adjusted to your feet, you love the contact with the soft and flexible wood
  6. They allow then long walks without making your feet tired
  7. They keep longer your feet dry, since the Bendywood® has a high absortion capacity
  8. They reduce feet sweath
  9. They dry during the non-use period without been taken out from the shoes
  10. They insulate against the winter cold and summer heat
  11. Insulation/protection from harmful chemicals in shoes: the majority of shoes independently from price, production or purchase area contain hazardous and harmful substances (coming from the tanning process or to soften, stain and glue different materials) that can cause cancers, problems to the reproductive system and allergies. See investigations made by the SSNC -Swedish society for Nature Conservation for the plastic shoes and for the leather ones


Enjoy the comfort of these wooden insoles. They fit every kind of shoe, they follow your feet soles movements step by step leaving them fresh and rested even after long walks or long  standing up.


The available sizes goes from 35 to 48 (UK M 3, W 2 1/2  to M 13 W 12 ½ - U.S. M 3 ½ W 5 to M 13 ½ W 15) Choosing the size, take in consideration that these insoles get a little bit longer (up to a couple of mm) wearing them. Therefore if the your size fits perfectly your feet length, choose one size smaller.

Insert the insole in the shoe so that your foot touches the wooden part and the linen stays in contact with the shoe. Do not take the shoe insole out to make  room to the wooden one, since that very oft the shoe insoles do not have a uniform  thickness and therefore the replacement would not be the same.

While walking, the linen side of the insole rubs the shoe insole because the Bendywood® Insoles just lay on the shoe insoles without sticking on them. In this way they allow an optimal air circulation.

If you use the Bendywood®  insoles in very used shoes, with an hollow on the heel, it is better to moisten (with a wet and wringed cloth) the insoles to avoid break risks along the length


These insoles have a long life span and you can make it longer with the right care. It is important leaving the insoles dry in the shoes after their use. In fact it is important that the release of the humidity absorbed  during their use occurs slowly. This would not happen if you would take the insoles out of the shoes, causing thin breaks in the wood.

If you smell a bad odor, it is time to wash the insoles: you can wash them with water and soap. DO NOT WASH THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE! Let them dry  in the shadow in a fresh place (not on or under a radiator, heater, stove etc.). It is better to use natural soaps and not aggressive detergents that could harm the wood. To disinfect it is better to use ethyl alcohol (which is the alcohol you can drink). You can also treat the wooden surface with oils for the skin care like avocado oil,  paraffin oil, linseed oil or eucalyptus oil (to give a refreshing sensation): a few drops are enough. What is good for the skin, it is also good for the wood. You should repeat the treatment regularly.

After two or three months of use, the wood start to become grey on the surface and it can become also smooth and shining. You can get the old color and surface by sanding it with a thin sanding paper: sand just along the length!


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finally free to walk


reduce feet sweath
extra thin
they adjust exactly to your shoe insole
they fit every kind of shoe
long durability