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Nature that supports our feet


Bendywood® Insoles adjust to the shape of your foot after a few days of use and then they hold that shape. They are flexible and soft, comfortable to wear, they massage the foot sole step by step and they allow your feet to remain fresh and rested even after long walks or long periods of standing.

As Bendywood® is flexible in 3D, the humidity release of the feet and walking load let the Bendywood® insoles adjust to the foot sole after a few days. The flexibility of Bendywood® Insoles is bigger along the grain than against the grain of the wood.


Therefore, if you need to wear the wooden insoles in very worn down shoes with an U insole, we advise to moisten the wooden insoles at their first use to avoid the risk of them breaking along the length.

Once shaped, the insoles do not break, have a very long life span and make your walks very comfortable and pleasant. There won’t be any uncomfortable contact points and the contact of the foot on the wood is more pleasant than the one on leather, plastic or textile.

The wood is flexible and soft, but also hard at the same time: a unique sensation that you can only experience and feel with Bendywood® insoles. The feet rest on a very special insole.  The foot sole rolls at every step, providing a sensation of well-being, as the foot sole is massaged step by step.

In this way your feet get less tired, allowing an healthy and pleasant walk.

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finally free to walk


reduce feet sweath
extra thin
they adjust exactly to your shoe insole
they fit every kind of shoe
long durability